History 2 Project

Hi guys... I've recently been in contact with Daniel, anybody who would like to have their History 2 MEMEMEME project back, please leave me a message in msn before Monday. Thanks!


Crap Talk

Something which came up really randomly, and just want to share with you guys. :-) haha



Woooii! This blog dying pun liao~

People! People! PHEW WIT!

Come back come back, dun 4get about this blog eh~
Dash two dash two!

And someone arr, upload our dash 2 genting trip yeahh~~ haha..
and i personally demand a party! since there are some people who didnt make it to genting~
and a party would be easier( i think), dun look at me.

Actually my main purpose is to tell u guys that my blog address has changed to:

buahaha~ dun slappp meee~~~ xDD

but seriously, the party.


Culture & Society in Malaysia reschedule

Yeah, Hi everyone. It's been awhile, no?

for classes of
IL 0905-1
DG 0905-1

Culture & Society of Malaysia
will be postponed to this date.

Please remember to inform those who do not know about this yet.

As you may know,  25th of Jan is a Monday.

So yeah.

Hope to hear more from you guys soon.



Our holy gan's blog, truely a god. OH MY GOD.



Dorcas Sdn.Bhd

LOL. hahah..dorcas enterprise xD



To AD0905-1 students (adapted from Lex):

Tuesday Culture and Society class has changed to J1, not AVH anymore. If don't believe kindly spam his handphone check at TOA =D



EDIT: lol nevermind, i just realized everybody is in -1... . .. . . *lamez* forget this post xD

YO~ guys.

So the results are out, and we all know our classes, so post them up here!! Just leave a comment here or in the cbox (on the right), and we'll compile them into a post later on. =D

Btw, goodluck in the fresh sem!!! XD


Merry Christmas!

As title, merry christmas boys and girls!
Haha. Minda share your wishes/wishlist eh?

Let me start:
1st, on my list.
I want Many many A's for this semester and beyond! buahahaha.

Come on guys, its fun to see people's wishes right? xD